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we are dedicated to making quality instruments.  all our bodies are hand crafted, using "old school" tools and practices.  we put our heart and soul into every build. 

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Custom builds, 
Johnny has been playing guitar since the early 80's.  with thousands of professional gigs as a solo acoustic artist and many more in various bands playing bass or singing lead vocal.  in the 90's he started tinkering with guitars, replacing pick ups and necks, and of course paint jobs! investing many hours of  time learning guitar set up, repair and fret work.  over the past few years he has been building custom guitar bodies and more recently complete guitars with his own brand Screamer Custom Guitars .  ​​

​​​we do what we love.  we hand build every body, starting with the blank,  we cut, route,  shape,  sand,  and sometimes finish. we love CUSTOM builds.  Contact us and let Screamer Custom Guitars  build your dream guitar.

Johnny Ayer